Building Your Web Site:


Step 1

First of all, we need to determine the goal(s) you want to achieve with your web site.

This is the part that requires your careful assessment and input.


We will, however, work with you by means of meeting, phone calls or e-mails.

Your clearly defined goal determines the structure, navigation, functionality and look of your site.


Step 2

Based on your goal, we will work out the structure of your site, i.e. pages, links, navigation and, for dynamic sites, information about where forms, database and programming will be required.


For look and feel, we will provide you one or two draft pages for your review and feedback.

Changes are then made and applied to the pages that follow.


Step 3

We will constantly test the pages.


Once all pages are done and tested, we will put them up in our web space for a live demo and test.


You can now determine if it is what you were expecting. We will make changes based on your input.


Step 4

Once revisions are done and approved, your web site is ready to "go live".


We will upload the files to their cyber home.

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